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>> Topics of Interest

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

Fundamentals and PHY

• Channel capacity estimation and equalization

• Channel measurement and modeling

• Cognitive and green radio

• Cooperative communications

• Interference mitigation

• Multi-antenna signal processing

• Physical layer design

• Power efficient communications

• Advanced modulation schemes

• Antennas and beamforming

• Single and multi-user MIMO

• Source and channel coding

• Vehicular communications

MAC design and Cross-Layering

• Adaptive and cognitive MACs

• Cross-layer designs involving MAC

• Implementation of testbeds and prototypes

• Information-theoretical approaches to MAC designs

• Radio resource management, allocation, and scheduling

• Reconfigurable MACs

• Routing and QoS scheduling

• Scheduling algorithms for various systems

• Security issues in MAC designs

Fixed, Mobile and Wireless Networks

• Beyond 4G and 5G

• Next-Generation access networking

• Ad hoc networks

• Body area networks

• Cognitive radio networks

• Congestion, load and admission control

• Future wireless Internet

• Internet of things

• Mobile computing

• Multi-hop and relay networks

• Future Internet and Next-Generation Networking Architectures

• Satellite communications

• Smart cities and smart grids

• Vehicular networks

• Wireless sensor networks

• Network virtualization, virtual private networks (VPN), and services

• Network management methodologies and control plane design for Future Internet

• Next generation network provisioning, monitoring, and management of IP services: traffic engineering, and mobility support

Services and Applications

• Emerging Internet applications

• Authentication, authorization and accounting

• Context and location-awareness in pervasive systems

• Cyber-physical systems and applications

• Emerging wireless and mobile applications

• P2P services for multimedia

• Secure network and service access

• Self-adaptation on the service layer

• Service discovery and portability

• Service oriented architectures and cloud computing

• User interfaces, user-machine interactions

• Project management in communications industry

Nano Communications

• Nano-Electromagnetic communications

• Graphene-based nano-antennas

• Terahertz Band communication

• Nanomaterials for applications in communications

• Molecular communications

• Protocols and architectures for nano communications

• Information theoretical approaches to nanoscale communications

• Internet of Nano Things (IoNT)

• Privacy, Security and Trust in nanonetworks

• Future emerging applications of nano/molecular communications


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